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Are you thinking about starting a home based business? If so, you may be surprised at the plethora of options you have for making money from your home office. Many people assume that doing business with someone means interacting in person on a daily basis, but this isn’t always the case. Read on for a few examples of businesses that you may have assumed were impossible to run from home.

Business Consulting

In this day and age, there isn’t an entrepreneur who doesn’t want to know how to increase their bottom line or run their businesses better. If you’re an organized, detail-oriented person with a sharp business mindset, many of them would be willing to hire you to do just that. Whether you can advise small businesses on how to conduct better marketing campaigns, save money by “going green”, or how to maximize their online presence, your knowledge is valuable. If you want to create a home business, you can offer business coaching sessions via Skype or another online chat service.

Software Trainer

While it’s certainly possible to take an in-person course to figure out how to use a complex piece of software, it’s important to realize that the internet does make it possible to avoid doing so. Using either a chat client and screen-sharing software or an online learning platform like Udemy, you can teach people how to operate their software while you both are at home in front of your computers. The best thing about being an online trainer is that you can get paid for knowledge you already have while helping people learn how to use their tools effectively.


Hearing the word “retail” may trigger thoughts of your local mall, but the truth is that many people are opting to save themselves a trip and buy online these days. While this may not be the best news for brick-and-mortar stores, this is great news for home-based entrepreneurs. With a little market research and a willingness to keep up with product trends, you can use worldwide marketplaces like eBay to buy low and sell high, creating a thriving retail business with very little overhead.

Home based business ideas give everyday people the opportunity to create the ideal life for themselves. Without having to spend hours each day commuting to and working a job you hate, you’ll have the freedom you want to live life on your own terms.