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Best Ways To Make Money From Home as a Single Mum?
I’ve been a single mum for over 11 years and finally found the best ways to make money from home! Let me share.
When you become a single mum at a young enough age, when you never had a chance to have a career or to complete your education like myself (due to poor decisions in my case I must admit), you start being creative and looking for solutions! You start looking at your skills and experience: what can I make, what can I sell, what can I provide in exchange for money? from knitting, minding other kids, homework clubs, home parties, teaching something you are always things you can do to bring in a little bit of I see so many single mums around me turn entrepreneurs because of/thanks to their situation. Then as you grow and explore those avenues, often comes the ambition to take your little ‘enterprise’ to the next you start educating yourself, grab some information of the internet, do an online course maybe, and realize that you can turn your passions into profits! Next thing you know, you’ve become a ‘mumtrepreneur’! The same thing happened to me: I started looking for things that I could do without having to leave the house so that I could stay with my kids (as opposed to getting a part-time job that would mostly pay for childcare). I started teaching French (even though I wasn’t qualified to do so), I started making and selling sushi (had to teach myself first), I even became a distributor of natural health products (even though I had no particular interest in natural health)…all these experiences piled up along with exploration into the realm of personal development brought me from a place of ‘survival’ to “hey, I can be a sucessful entrepreneur if I choose to! Up to me to make things happen!
What is one of the best ways to make money from home as a single mum?!” And here we are. I found out and realised that one of the best ways to make money from home was to leverage the power of the internet And so I decided to start making REAL money. Just like you are about to do. Because it was time. It was time to not only provide for my two girls and finally give them everything that they deserved, but to secure their future, to leave a legacy, for them and their children, for their children’s children.
Let me show you one of the best ways to make money from home I found! Click here:
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