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Tracey De Leeuw – Internet Strategist to some of North America’s largest companies and best small businesses – brings you her top 40 ‘must do’ internet tips to help setup and grow a small business online.
Tracey is the founder and CEO of – a small business marketplace where you can sell and deliver unique SERVICES. Over 25 tools have been integrated together at to make is very EASY to increase sales, reduce service delivery costs, increase profit margin, collaborate with partners and customers and close deals.
These 40 tips can be done one by one. It is time consuming – but valuable. If a business owner doesn’t have time to learn 40 individual systems – they can simple use as their online business centre and use our integrated suite of internet marketing and customer service tools. You will be SHOCKED at how easy it can be to get selling services.
Tip # 16 – Blogging to expand your reach
Blogs are online message syndication tools that allow subscribers to ‘follow’ your blog postings automatically through alerts sent via email or messages delivered via RSS streams (real simple syndication). Blog content is searchable, allows for links to be posted, encourages dialogue with followers and stimulates interesting discussions and knowledge exchanges.
You must be VERY interesting and provide very applicable and high value content in order to be heard amongst the throng of bloggers. You might consider blogging on several different platforms as followers must be registered users for that platform in order to subscribe to your content.
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