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Building your online business? Hello my friends this is Mike Kohne with the prosperity team and today’s tip, tip number 6 of the 30 golden nuggets of building your online business.
Today’s tip is taking 100% responsibility for where you are today. You are where you are today because of the actions that you have taken in the past few years. You must take ownership of that and not blame circumstance. Don’t let circumstance determine your fate or your future.
You are where you are because of you, don’t play the blame game blaming others and blaming circumstance is just an excuse and I don’t know of anyone who got successful or become free by playing the blame game. You get no pity here my friends own up to your actions and change your direction.
You change and your life will change. That is it quite simple and a soul seeker! When You change the way you look at things the things that you look at will change.
Hope you enjoyed this simple but important video on Building your online business and taking 100% responsibility of where you are in life.
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