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By Sean McKee
What I want to do is take a I’ve been reading some books, and there’s a great book — you may have heard of it. If you haven’t, you should really get a copy of it and read the book. It’s called “The E Myth” and it’s a fantastic book. I was taking a look at the first chapter, and I thought I’d probably do a couple of videos on this book, chapter by chapter.
One of the key mistakes that people make when they go into business for themselves is they automatically think that they can become an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur really takes a unique set of skills, and a lot of these skills, most individuals don’t possess.
Traditionally, when you go into business, you’ve spent your life doing a technical job. You could have been a plumber, an electrician, a programmer, a lawyer, an What ever it is that you do, you specialize in that one area. If you’re working for somebody else, you focus all of your efforts on your personal job and not on having to wear all the different hats it takes to run a business. It’s different when you own your own business; when you become an entrepreneur.
What happens is, you actually have what they call an “entrepreneurial seizure” one day. What happens is — it could be the paycheck you get, or something that sets you off at work, or your boss gets you upset. You know, whatever — something sets you off and you think, “Hey, I could do this better by myself”. And you go out and your start a business.
What most people don’t realize is that they have to wear all these different hats to be successful in business. So not only do you have to do the technical skills that you’re professional at, that you have your experience with, but you have to do everything else as well that it takes to run a business. You know — bookkeeping, employee management, dealing with people, paying bills, making payroll, everything that goes with owning your own business and being an entrepreneur.
And what happens is the love of your career, the love of your job that you like — your technical skill — becomes really just something you need to get done because of everything else in the business that needs to be handled. It really just becomes a nightmare. That’s why most businesses fail. Most people are not cut out to be an entrepreneur.
The good news is, with internet marketing (if that’s what’s you’re doing), you really don’t have a lot of the hurdles to overcome that you would have to overcome in a traditional business or an offline type business. So while you have a much better chance of making it in internet marketing, you still need to get focused and hone in on what it is that you want to do. Put the work in and do it, and try to keep things very simple.
I just want to start doing some reviews of this book. It’s called “The E Myth”, and I would grab a copy. It would be a great book for you to read.
I hope that was some good information for you, and I hope you’re doing well. Again, stay focused, get off all the lists except the ones that are most important to you, don’t buy a lot of products except for the ones you need right now.
Talk soon,
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