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FaceBook Marketing Tips –
Use These Tips 7 Tips To Grow Your Social Media Presence
Facebook grows every single day and so does its influence. Facebook has become an extremely effective platform of marketing to grow your home based business and today I’m sharing with you some Facebook Marketing Tips so you can grab your fair share of the marketplace.
Even Google knows the importance of social media and has there own version of a social media platform. This signifies that Google now has the ability to determine what exactly is obtaining lots of Facebook and Twitter attention and boost or drop a internet sites ranking accordingly.
FaceBook Marketing Tips #1
Provide incentives to your visitors – Give your visitor an awesome reason to “Like” your fan page — provide a valuable incentive. “Like us on FaceBook and receive “something relevant” for FREE!” Who couldn’t resist? A bonus video, an eBook, or PDF file that is relevant to what your page is about. Give them something of value and this will increase your fan numbers exponentially.
Do not make this free gift a disappointment Make what ever it is that you give something of real value. Make sure that it is helpful to them. Do not just offer the same eBook that everyone else is giving away. Make it unique. Think outside the box.
FaceBook Marketing Tips #2
Keep your page in context with what you do. For example if you run a page that sells video games, do not talk about the new pair of Jordans that are coming out. Instead offer reviews on video games or release dates, etc. If you keep your content the same, people will come to expect it and visit your page to find answers to their questions. Ask yourself before you post something if it is relevant to what you do? Pretty soon it will become second nature.
FaceBook Marketing Tips #3
Use photos and videos on your page and do it often. Video is one of the most powerful ways to get your message across and engage your audience. Make your own videos, or share others that are related for your subject.
Use images in all your posts to make your page more visually attractive. People love images of other people and if you can have pictures of others utilizing your product or doing something related to your business this will serve a double purpose.
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