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People are always looking for ways to make more money or ways to improve their quality of life. Business ownership is believed to be one of the primary options to increase your income, if you are successful. Many are afraid of the risks associated with business ownership. Although there are several means to start a business, online business franchise opportunities and Top tier affiliate franchise programs are where many look first once they understand the risks associated with business ownership.

Many people do not know the difference between affiliate programs and top tier licensing franchise programs. Online franchise opportunities give you the opportunity to take a product that was designed or produced by a company or individual and license it as your own. So what is a franchise? A franchise is a business model that involves one business owner licensing trademarks and methods to an independent entrepreneur. Product/trade name franchising and business format franchising are the two primary types. Product/trade name franchising gives franchisors the right to name or trademark and sell that right to a franchisee. In business format franchising, the franchisor and franchisee maintaining a continuing relationship where the franchisor usually offers several services such as marking plans, product supply, and help with getting approved financing.

Those selecting the affiliate route are not licensed partners of the product owner or creator. This means that if you choose the affiliate route, you are going make less commission and not have the same resources afforded to you that a franchisee would. Good online business franchising programs will have proven methods and several support options to help you be successful. This may include technical support, sales funnels, or low and high-ticket online training products and conferences. However, with franchising, the licensor will still get a percentages from profits earned. Affiliate programs are generally cheaper than franchise programs also. Before deciding on whether to take part in an affiliate program or an online business franchise, take the time to ensure the program is right for you. Know how much money you are willing to invest into your desired program and know your goals and abilities.