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Thought I’d share my interview on “Strictly Business” for those of you who were unable to catch it. If you want to check out Shaghofta’s other shows, her YouTube channel is Here are the questions she asked:
1:36 What is the hijab?
2:10 What made you focus on headscarves (as a business)?
2:40 What exactly do you sell on your website?
4:08 What keeps you motivated?
4:45 Did you face any challenges when you first set up?
5:34 How did the name “Pearl Daisy” come about?
6:09 Some business are sceptical about running a business online. What would you say to them?
7:30 Which online platforms do you use?
7:43 How do you manage time with all the social media marketing?
9:15 Some companies strive for high figures on YouTube and Facebook. What tips would you give to them?
10:17 What kind of business premises do you use?
11:05 What’s your educational background?
12:55 Where do you get your inspiration from for the Hijab styles?
13:45 What would you say to all the viewers who want to become self employed but are unsure?
15:43 What would you say to viewers who are nervous about wearing the headscarf?
18:33 You also attract criticism for promoting the headscarf for the fashion conscious people – what would you say to your critics?
20:28 You also have a very young audience. What is your message to them?
24:20 What kind of charity work have you worked on?
25:03 What is the Hoojab?
26:29 How long does it take to wrap a Hoojab?
29:21 What kinds of furniture or items do people need to start an online business?
32:18 What were you doing before Pearl Daisy came about? What did you study at University?
33:40 What were your College and School Days like?
35:40 As a Hijabi, people tend to assume that you can’t speak English. Have you had that kind of experience before?
38:07 What are your thoughts on women in business?
40:07 Did you receive any kind of support from Government business support agencies?
40:56 What is your message to the UK Government to help support businesses?
42:06 Why do you think mentoring is important in a business?
43:11 Would you say running an online business is different to a physical store?
44:27 What final message do you have for your supporters and also for the DMTV viewers?
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