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AB from SlackerBizness – teaching people to work from home by working smarter than they do hard
Watch to the end because I’ve got great tips for working from home and an offer that you can’t refuse if you’re serious about working from home.
Problem: You think you want to work from home, but here’s the thing. It involves REAL WORK! No get rich quick schemes here. You want to make your own schedule, but you don’t know where to start. Think about it. Who makes your schedule now? Your boss. You probably hate your boss. He or she might be a great person, but you hate what they stand for. Let’s give your job the metaphorical kick in the nuts and get you working from home asap. However, this is going to require a change in your mindset. If you want to change your life, you have to change yourself. If you want something you don’t have, you have to do something you don’t do.
I’ve been there. I’m still there. My business has only started taking off since I embraced what it really means to work from home and for yourself.
Here are my Top 5 Tips for Working From Home
#5 — Do something physical every day
Richard Branson said the best thing a person can do to improve productivity is to work out. When you work from home it’s crucial to get out of the house for a few hours and do something. Anything. I like to start the day with a workout. You think you would be tired, but you actually get a lot more done and your focus is sharper. You will sleep like a baby too! Even if it’s just a 30 minute walk on your lunch break, this tip will refocus your mind to attack your to do list when you get back.
#4 — Get dressed for success
Whether you work out or not, you must shower and get dressed every day. Often we act and work like we are dressed. Ever felt surprisingly awesome when you dusted off that suit or skirt that makes you look so professional. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you will be perceived by others by the way you project yourself. Even if you’re not in person, you will be more composed if you are dressed for success. Maybe your dream is to work in your underwear, but save that for Casual Mondays!
#3 — Invest in Overhead via the innerhead
Ultimately, when you work from home your product is you. Maybe you started company, maybe you are building an MLM business, or maybe you are just lucky enough that you negotiated a telecommute situation. Whatever the case may be, investing in your product means giving yourself the tools to succeed. No tool is more powerful than continuing education. Buy books, trainings, courses and attend seminars. It gets you out of your routine and opens your mind to new and better ways to do business. Your business grows when you grow.
#2 — Eat Healthy
One of the greatest parts about working from home is that you have the opportunity to avoid all of the convenience foods that plague the average rat-racer. Like working out, you will see a direct correlation between your nutrition and your productivity and performance. Take the time to make healthy meals for yourself and it will pay out in spades.
#1 — Get Residual
Hopefully you are in a business that allows you to multiply your efforts. MLM presents this opportunity to grow a downline below you, so that you make money even when you are sleeping. That sounds like the ultimate work from home job! When you outsource and hire understand that the energy you put into hiring the right people and training them well will pay out residual benefits over the life of your company. Remember that brain surgeons don’t make movie star money because they can only operate on one brain at a time. How many people can simultaneously watch a Tom Cruise movie? Find ways to scale your business so that your effort is multiplied and compounded. Look up compound interest if you don’t yet understand how powerful such an investment can be.
If you are still looking for your perfect work from home scenario, check out the link below and see if you might want to work with a great and fun team that is going places. We’ll teach you how to work smarter than you do hard. And then you get to teach your team. It’s a business about sharing experience and learning to excel in all things by leaning on the guy next to you. It’s like a Spartan phalynx — only there are more than 300 of us and very few die in battle.
AB from Slacker Bizness saying work smarter than you do hard! Thanks for watching and have a great day!