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How To Make Money Fast Online From Home With Fast Fire Sites,
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How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website Or Blog.
When done right you can have a site ranked on the first page of Google in just a few days 
In this program they show you how their software automates the search engine optimization process with their easy to use Fast Fire Sites.
Fast Fire Sites is a comprehensive system that lets you easily create websites on the fly that already have the keyword research done, are optimized for SEO, look nice (no crap content — users can easily make the content themselves by answering some questions or posting it by hand), are already monetized and set to get opt ins, and essentially are “good to go” right off the bat to truly give you the best chances of ranking without knowing any of the technical stuff.
Fast Fire Sites works for both those looking to get traffic and rankings as well as those looking for ways to make some extra dough — a good bit of both worlds!
Fast Fire Sites is an incredible combination of a desktop software tool and an online application that works together to show you hot keywords for your niche and allows you to easily build a website around it.
The Fast Fire Sites helps you get free traffic to your affiliate links by finding keywords that you can easily get ranked on the 1st page of Google because their is low competition. But at the same time these keywords are searched for a lot so they will bring you a lot of free Google traffic.
This is accomplished by automating a system that they call the Fast Ranking System. The Fast Ranking system is finding highly search keywords with low competition and then creating seo optimized content and putting on a website. When done right you can have a site ranked on the first page of Google in just a few days. And the best part is that you can do this over and over again to get unlimited free traffic for a niche anytime you want.
Step By Step Videos Included
The Fast Fire Sites Software Automates every step of the Fast Ranking System for you.
Here is how easy it works.
1. You enter a keyword and the Fast Fire Sites Software finds the top 50 search terms that contain that keyword.
2. It then finds the keywords with the most traffic and less competition.
3. Next it creates a optimized site from one of the keywords with high traffic and low competition.
4. Next you enter your affiliate links into the software.
5. Then the software posts your content to your website, or if you don’t have your own website, it will post your content to a blogger blog (which are free).
In a few days your site should be on the first page of Google and you should start to get free traffic.
There are up sells here
But none of them are needed to use Fast Fire Sites — they just can complement each other well.
One Time Offers (OTO)
The first OTO is called Auto Magnet Blog Software. It is a plugin that auto posts content daily to your blog. You can set it to post content within your niche and it sounds handy,   $197
The Second OTO is a plugin called WP Syndicator. It  automatically shares your posts at social sites. All you need to do it set up the accounts initially and then it is hands off. The cost is $39 for one site, $97 for multi-sites
The Third OTO is Traffic Zombie. they give an actual live demo of the tool to you in the up sell so you can see exactly how it works ( it’s Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs, etc. — anything)
Fast Fire Sites is for both intermediate marketers and beginners who don’t have much experience in marketing or web design as well as a lack of time.