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Russian is among the wealthiest languages of Europe. There are a large amount of nations where Russian is spoken widely, like the states that were part of USSR like Ukraine and so on. Many folks are heading to Russia for a number of purposes. Some people go to study, some people have their business and some go to just visit the country. Since, Russia is geographically away from the Anglo states, their script and pronunciation is significantly different from them. In reality most east EU countries have different pronunciation from the west European states.

Like French, Russian words have masculine and female words. Also , their script is subtley different. The reflexive pronouns in Russian can be used in a number of ways. Some words like ‘sebya ‘ (self) can often be used to denote somebody in first person, 2nd or 3rd person. It describes the connection between an action and the person performing it. Also ‘sya ‘ can be added as a suffix to a verb to get different words with same meaning. These pronouns are neither number nor gender specific. Nevertheless its use changes with a change in case.

It is indeed helpful to know basic Russian when you are making plans to visit Russia. This is down to the fact that English is not very widely spoken here. So , it helps if you know some basic Russian. Additionally, after you begin learning the language, you may develop an abiding interest in the life and culture of the country. There are plenty of good writers from Russia whose works have been interpreted into numerous languages and folks across the entire world read them. Some such writers are Chekhov, Tolstoy and so on. There are several popular Russian philosophies that you can read up about if you know the language. You may even enjoy the music that designates Russian culture. This will give you an insight into how friendly and warm indigenous people are and you may fully fall completely in love with Russia.

There are many tutorials available online which will help you learn Russian. It might be a little easier for you to learn because the sentence constructions are rather like English. The other option for you'd be to contact the Russian consulate in your city or country and they can guide you in learning the language. One of the greatest ways of learning Russian is through pictorial reference of the words through flash cards. The flash cards have a word on it with an image of the object that word describes. Common words like fresh bread, bus stop, train line station for example. Are written on it. Therefore even if you don't find a way to learn sentence construction or proper speech, you can learn up the sequence of the characters describing the image and know what that words stands for. This may be of great help also , when you go to Russia. At the very least you will be well placed to identify significant stops and stations.

Slowly, with time, you will learn the language better and experience the pleasures it's got to offer.

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