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Secret Tips When Starting Online Business — When is the right time? | What´s stopping you?
These are some really interesting and important tips I learned reading Tim Ferris´s book “The 4 hour work week” and this book has opened my eyes to a lot of things and realities that you might have never considered.
Many people suffer from the same issue — getting ready to get ready, waiting for the right time and the rigt time never there is no right time.
Like the right time to have a baby, all parents know that that doesn´t go like that. For most time it just happens.
Same goes for a decision to change your life – start an online business for example.
The best way – You just do it and you learn as you go because you can only correct action that´s being you are planning forever and want to have everything perfect before you start, I will tell you now, it won´t happen — your business won´t ever be perfect it will be always a work in if yu want results, income, progress, freedom, you take action today and correct as you go.
Secret Tips When Starting Online Business — When is the right time? | What´s stopping you?
Another way you might be sabotaging your way out of success and freedom is covering your fear with optimism — most intelligent people in the world don´t call fear fear. They dress it up in optimistic denial — for example if you have a job you don´t dislike and you know you are far from living to your full potential doing something this mediocre and you know you deserve much more , but you say to yourself that maybe it will get better and your income will increase.
Like most people you are scared of failure and
Maybe it´s time to stop kidding yourself? 9-5 job for your working life 40-50 years is a long ass time if the rescue doesn´t come 500 month of work!
Not a very exciting perspective right?
Secret Tips When Starting Online
When I came across an option to start my own business online — there was not much pondering and getting ready to get ready, I just did it and I never looked back ? And I would not change my lifestyle of freedom and possibilities for a secure but miserable future.
You shouldn´t are worth so much more than that! There is a world of possibilities out here waiting for you!
“If you keep waiting for the right time, it may never happen. Sometimes you have to make the most of the time you have.”
? Priya Ardis, Ever My Merlin
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