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Tracey De Leeuw – Internet Consultant and Strategist, is the founder and CEO of Bizdrive is an eCommerce and marketing platform that helps small businesses sell their services online. Bizdrive provides 40 easy ways to get online, market your business and sell your services. You don’t have to be technical at all.
Using FREE and easy tools – you can investment your TIME and leverage your entrepreneurial tendencies to GROW your business.
Tips # 3 & 4 focus on setting up your business online. Selecting a domain name that says who you are (company name) or what you do is a great way to start establishing a business online. Selecting affordable hosting ($ 10 – $ 20 per month) and finding useful tech resources to help you can make getting started much easier. This video features tips and tricks to help you start selling your small business products and services online.
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Visit and view the FREE Links page to find links to the FREE or under $ 40 tips for Domains, Hosting and Web Resources.
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