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Sick and tired of making invoices manually in Microsoft Excel or Word? So you want to find a solution or a tool that is going to help you fashion invoices on the web? Now is definitely the time to get out of the 90’s and move your businesses invoicing into the 21st century.

We all know that issuing invoices and quotes by hand can be greatly time consuming and also technically challenging. Do any of the following manual invoicing related bugs sound familiar to you?

– Mistakes can happen: Manual invoicing leaves your invoices open to errors. Skipping an invoice number or duplication an invoice can be detrimental to your company’s accounting.

– Human mistakes: Changing information manually leaves your billing open to human mistakes. E.g. Mistakes in your invoice or quote number sequence can result in duplicate or skipped invoice numbers – an accounting nightmare!

– Duplication: Having to rewrite or copy/paste line item text and product descriptions each time you complete a quote or invoice is also an un-necessary duplication resulting in wasted time. Leaving your invoices open to spelling errors and incorrect or mismatched service descriptions.

– Emailing quotations and invoices: Emailing invoices to clients manually opens a Pandora’s box of possible errors. Issues converting invoices to a small enough send-able format like PDF can be difficult. This kind of thing also introduces the possibility of emails being rejected due to attachment size or the client not being able to view the invoice right.

– Storage: Creating invoices and quotations this way normally means that you store your invoice and quotation archive on one computer at your home or office. You therefore cannot locate client billing data when you are not at that computer. If your work needs you to be on the move then this will always reduce your productivity and ability to provide swift customer support with regards to invoicing enquiries.

– Data security and backups: Storing all your invoices and quotations on one PC also means that data is only as safe as the software you have in place to protect it. This many times leaves sensitive billing data open to the prying eyes of hackers. Most small company owners do haphazardly backup this data on external hard-drives, but this type of backup needs to be done very regularly, else you risk losing all your data if your PC crashes or gets stolen.

You may think that what I have described above does not happen anymore. Why would anyone still want to do their business billing in this way? But surprisingly, if not shockingly many of the examples and problems I described above are faced by many small business owners and freelancers today. So how do we stop this billing problem of the past? By stepping into the future – one automated, safe, fully backed-up invoice and quotation at a time.

The solution: Invoicing on the web

Finding a service to help you make quotations and invoices on the web is an easy task. If you do a bit of research it is rather simple to discover a good quality, professional solution that is not going to cost you that much.

Perks of online billing:

– Web-based invoicing means saved time and money in the bank account. By using a web-based billing solution as opposed to using manual means you can save at least of 10 hours a week on your regular business billing.

– In built preventative measures mean that web-based billing systems won’t let you to duplicate or leave out an invoice number. Staff actions can be followed and any human error corrected or prevented. Great news if your new assistant has ever accidentally saved over your entire database of saved billing information.

– Automation is online billing’s solution to duplication. The majority of tasks can be automated by an online billing system. This means you create standardized templates and invoice line items once and never have to re-enter them again. The software will do it all for you.

– Web-based invoicing prevents the need for your businesses employees to manually post invoices to clients via email. A quality service will let you to setup invoice times and then do all the effort for you. Generating the invoice, changing it to PDF and then sending an HTML invoice with PDF attachment to your client.

– Are you active? Always out of the office seeing customers or meeting suppliers? An online billing system keeps all your invoicing information online. This means you can get it anytime, anywhere, from any web enabled device. Truly mobile billing.

– Get the pro’s of big business security without having to support the cost of the enterprise infrastructure. All professional web-based billing software have strict security measures in place and most of them run frequent backups on your data on your behalf. So next time your PC gets stolen or your office computer has a melt down you won’t lose even a stitch of customer billing information. Awesome hey?

Let’s get your business into the twenty-first century and stop you doing all your quotes and invoices by hand. We say get on the web and start searching for a web-based invoicing software right now.

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