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Several people take up home-based business so that they can spend time with family and for leisure activities. However, some of you may be so caught up with the business, that you do not even realize that it is a weekend and you need to have fun with your kids. I see many people working hours together to just get their basics right. The slogging gets so much that they get too stressed out to even have a word with the family. If you set and follow a schedule, you will not find it difficult to balance work and time with your loved ones.

As you work from home, you tend to spend time continuously at your workstation. People have turned workaholics since they have started their home business. The entire house turns into an office and you find no place to unwind from your work. This is one reason why people get sick of working from home at times. If you want to make your working experience great with a home based business, and avoid the stress, here is what you can do.

Choose one place where you can sit and work. Do not take your work to various parts of the home, making the whole place look just like another office. You can sit in your study room, or choose any other location that suits you best. Turning your garage into a work place is also a good idea. In this way, your home will remain home, and you feel fresh every time you enter.
Come up with a work schedule. Follow the same time daily so that you can give the desired amount of time to your family, friends or the leisure activities.
Although you work from home, make it a point to go out of the house daily to rejuvenate yourself and relax in the open air. Sitting at home for the entire day can be very taxing and frustrating. Take a walk in the evening, or take your kids to the park. Remember, it is important for your body to be active.
Let there be flexibility in your home-based business.
Do not keep any work pending. Once work piles up, you are sure to spend extra hours to get the schedule in place. Doing too much of work, at the same time, can be stressful and to avoid this kind of situation, it is better to complete your daily work.
Although you work from home, it does not mean that you should not take a break. Take frequent and proper breaks, as you would do in office to de-stress from the work pressure.
Follow time management techniques. Always have a planner and organizer to plan your events for the day. In the same planner, include your pleasure activities and time to spend with the family.

Though you have your own business, and you need to be on your toes to survive the completion, you cannot neglect yourself. When you complete all the work in the desired period, all goes well without stress.