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If you’re serious about teaching English or any other language online so as to make money, my that you’re probably a smart, passionate person, SO let me ask you a question:
Do you realize how lucky you are to be living in this day and age? You are at the start of something new. The opportunity to be self-employed with almost no start-up expenses is quite possible.
Your key to success is the combination of the Internet, Skype, PayPal and a few other free websites that will empower you. Teaching English online is a spectacular way to work from home or anyplace that has a decent Internet connection (that could be a hotel, cafe, whatever).
Countries like Japan, Switzerland, Argentina to name a few are full of students who are willing to pay you money for YOUR English speaking abilities. So many of them already understand English. Millions of them are intermediate to advanced levels. They watch TV and movies and listen to music and in English.
don’t get many opportunities to actually speak English to natural born English speakers (that’s you). They know that if they don’t use it, they will lose it.
is your opportunity that’s knocking at your door. This online English teaching business is going to continue to grow and grow and grow.
I got the idea to start teaching English online with Skype back in 2006, and it didn’t take long before I saw money fly into my PayPal account. I never got rich, but I could support myself quite nicely.
Unfortunately, I developed TMJ disorder which is kind of like arthritis of the it affects the muscles in my face and neck as well. After time, it became too unbearable to smile and talk a good if I wanna teach online with Skype.
Buy hey, consider this good news for you because I turned my lemons into lemonade by writing about my online English teaching journey. I looked long and hard at my experiences with Skype, and analyzed why I was successful, and where I tripped up along the way. So for wrote, “How To Teach English Online and Get Money.”
It’s a simple step-by-step guide on how you can efficiently start and maintain an online English school. The bulk of it will shine the light on how you will find paying students from all over the the comfort of your own home.
Look at the e-book and the free bonuses as a crash course on how you can start making money ASAP by teaching with Skype.
If you have already have a computer with a webcam and microphone, my e-book will be your only start-up expense.
This course is not a get rich quick idea in which you’ll make $10,000 a week like so many other e-books and online courses claim. I am confident you can make $2,000 or more a month if you market yourself like my e-book 1 hour or so a day. That’s it.
Of course, the harder you work, the smarter you work, the more students you will find, thus more money you will make.
If you read, “How To Teach English Online and Get Money” + the free
You will find students because of the e-book’s ideas.
You will learn how to use the best online tools (that are free) to help you succeed.
You will discover what to say to interested students so they buy from and business is golden.
will make money online by teaching English or by just having simple if all you do is shoot the breeze with the students, many will pay you for this, so no teaching experience is necessary. They just wanna talk. How great is that?!
Does this sound like something you can see yourself doing? If you’re intelligent, creative, and really want to be a self-employed “at home kind of person,” then buy the e-book right now and you will also get all of the free
Keep in mind, you can contact me anytime by email with any questions you have along your online English teaching journey. I am here for YOU if you want.
OK! Does that sound good to you?
the payment button at the bottom of this page, and I’ll see you on the other side.
Talk to ya soon: