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Top tier affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing are some of the most common types of marketing used in online businesses. They both offer opportunities for huge profits, but they go about it in different ways. The multi-level marketing relies on a large network of people to do the selling, whereas, the top tier businesses focus much more on direct selling. Both are effective types of marketing, but they accomplish different things.

Top tier firms sell product directly from the source. They offer a room for some affiliates, but not as much as the multi-level marketing. Whenever, a top tier firm sells a product, they make more money compared to the MLM. This is because; the products sold by these firms are very expensive. This way they are able to make more money on every sale. A top tier firm can make huge profits even if a small number of people buy their products. However, to achieve success, a top tier company needs to very popular in their niche. Note that the products offered these companies might be very expensive that no one buys them. Therefore, to sell the product successfully, these firms should be exposed to many people, to increase the probability of people buying.

The multi-level marketing on the other hand, involves a much larger network of people. The aim of an MLM company is to develop a product, and provide excellent affiliate marketing programs. Affiliates will sell your products, and in return get a portion of money on every sale. If online marketers see that your product is making a lot of money for affiliates, they will promote the product. This way you will have a large network of people promoting your product, thereby increasing the chances for sale. MLM does not make as much money as quickly as top tier firms do, but over time, they make a lot more.

It is now clear that top tier firms are quite different from MLM. Top tier firms have a higher potential of making huge amount of profits quickly. However, to realize success from a top tier affiliate marketing business, you need to be constantly working. You always need to be advertising your products, and if you stop, your profits will go down.