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From email marketing tips to the latest and greatest link-building methods, everyone seems to be an expert on how to market your internet business. However, in the midst of all the advice you have available to you, it’s important for you to stick with those methods that have proven to be effective in helping business owners reach their audience. In case you haven’t realized it, social media marketing is one of those methods. If you’re a business owner who has yet to build a Facebook page or Twitter profile, here are three reasons to do so sooner rather than later:

1. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the ability to control every single aspect of your brand image. Because anyone can write a blog post or give an opinion about your business, you may not be able to stop others from painting an inaccurate picture of your company. However, social media profiles are one thing that you alone can control. Consequently, social media marketing allows you to present a solid, coherent picture of your brand so that it comes across with the exact look, feel, and tone that you want your customers to see and hear.

2. Social media marketing is also important because it gives you an unprecedented opportunity to interact with your customers. Those who support you can ask questions and get answers directly from the source. Furthermore, you are able to put your brand in front of your target audience on a frequent basis. Together, these things give your company the benefit of increased brand awareness and loyalty, and it means that you are better able to keep up with what your customers are saying so that you can tailor your product and service offerings accordingly.

3. Even if you don’t consider yourself a social person, social media marketing is still worth the significant SEO boost. Google and other major search engines realize that their users also use social media. Consequently, they often give social media profiles a lot of authority when it comes to determining rankings. Also, search engines consider it a vote of confidence when your site link is shared, which could result in even better ranking for you.

While social media marketing may not be the only strategy you use for your internet marketing business, its benefits cannot be denied. Used correctly, it can provide a much-needed boost for both your brand image and your bottom line.